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History of Daft Punk: Timeline

This weekend, EDM Party is going with a strict Daft Punk theme in honor of their newly released vocal video with Pharrell! (link)

So, while you’re preparing for Random Access Memories, why not reflect on the wonderful previous releases from the duo? Click the link below to view EDM Party’s “History of Daft Punk” timeline.



Daft Punk Poster and Billboard Sightings

View Daft Punk Poster and Billboard Sightings in a full screen map

Have you heard about the posters and billboards popping up around the world with Daft Punk on them? It’s to promote their new album, “Random Access Memories,” which will be released on May 17, 2013. The posters/billboards have been appearing in major cities where they will get a lot of publicity.

Check out the link above to view a map of the confirmed locations!