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Sorry all! This week is a bit busy for me, but expect to see 2 posts next week!


News Video – Swedish House Mafia’s Last Show

In this news story video, EDM Party reflects on the end of Swedish House Mafia, who performed their last show on March 24th. Watch the video for more information!

The History of deadmau5

Deadmau5 - Rock in Rio Madrid 2012 - 01

I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves “How did deadmau5 get his start?” I’m here today to answer that question for you.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman (born in 1981) started making music as a Canadian teenager under the online alias of Halcyon441. He posted his homebrew music online to anyone who was willing to listen, and had actually gained a very small fanbase.

Joel was very interested in technology, having begun to make this electronic music, along with being a gamer, and even doing some CG rendering on the side. On a day in 2004, while on a tech forum, he researched some problems he was having with his computer. He opened up the computer’s case, and inside, discovered that the problem was that a mouse had died inside of the case. He told his story on the forum, eventually gaining the nickname of ” the Dead Mouse guy.” Joel wanted to change his username to “deadmouse,” but the name was too many characters than the website allowed for usernames. Shortening it with 1337speak, he coined the name “deadmau5.”

From that point on, deadmau5 eventually reached the point of having a show called “The Party Revolution” on a local radio station named The Planet. The small show got his name out there, and from there on he began to rise into stardom. Joel began to work with dance artists who spread the word around about how much talent he had, and then it all began. Even though he had released some tracks beforehand, he released his first official track, “Faxing Berlin,” in 2007. Joel did his own renders for the cover, and even created his own label called “mau5trap.” He even created his own icon, eventually turning it into a mask to wear while he performed. The entire deal was solely done by him and him alone.

From that point on, listeners knew that they were hearing something special. With the releases of “Random Album Title,” “For Lack of a Better Name,” “4×4=12,” and “<album title goes here>,” the mau5 has gotten more and more popular with every new release. His concerts are crazy with LED lights and insane displays in order to back up the great quality of his music. He often sells out. He sells an overwhelming amount of merchandise, often with just a simple picture of a mau5head on it. His new hits often reach very high on the charts, and his fanbase is one of the most loyal and awesome fanbases out there.

deadmau5 is becoming a household name… and he’s definitely worth it!







Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy (Official Video) – Review

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy - Official Album Art

If you’ve already seen the music video for Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s “Easy,” then you already know that the video is absolutely amazing.

The story tells of a professional model named Maki Yatto and her blue pet Evander. (Names courtesy of The Line) Maki is tired of her profession and of her life. She ignores phone calls from her Manager, deciding she can’t take it anymore, throwing a bomb in her bag, and leaving her mansion in the city. She speeds away on her motorcycle and detonates the bomb, killing herself, along with Evander and the entire city. Afterwards, Maki and Evander end up in a dream-like afterlife world where everything is perfect, and they are happy. The music video is drawn in an anime style, with visuals that just compliment the track perfectly.

It’s a simple concept, but when synced up to “Easy,” it just invokes so much more power and emotion to the viewer. Watching in fullscreen 1080p, when I reached the 0:30 second mark, the panning view of the city with the gorgeous melody in the background is just so powerful that it gave me goosebumps (and even made a tear well up in my eye). It just makes you really sympathize with Maki, as to almost feel the reasons why she keeps doing what she’s not happy with. She clearly just doesn’t want to lose what she has in life, even if there’s things that tell her otherwise. But, she decides to indeed end her life, because it just proves to be too much for her, so she leaves to do so. The animation in the scene is beautiful, and the music is even better.

I also can’t help but fall in love with Evander. I mean, he’s just this cute little blue Pokemon-like creature that flies around with a huge smile always on his face. What can be better? He’s adorable.

If there’s one thing that this video does perfectly, it’s the way that it fits to the music. At 1:31, when the scene is just Maki driving on her motorcycle, the part of the track with the robotic-style voice is very appropriate to the scene. It really symbolizes the fact that something is about to happen, and serves as a great interlude in the song. Then, it rapidly changes at 2:00. That same powerful melody reintroduces itself with the detonation of the bomb, and is just even more beautiful when she throws her hands up into the air. And then again at 2:15 with music change to the amazing rainbow line-art animation that shows them in bliss right after they die. The scene changes just wonderfully correspond with the song.

There’s one thing I know: “Easy” is definitely the greatest music video this year.