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Adventures of a deadmau5 Fangirl – Photo Slideshow

Adventures of a deadmau5 Fangirl

How would anyone react when they saw deadmau5 walking down the street? That’s what I decided to test. But, how would I test this? Luckily, I happened to have created my own deadmau5 mau5head a few years ago for a concert (But I couldn’t take it on the plane, so it never made it to the concert. Aww!)  So, I decided to bring out the helmet, as I walked to the local record store to find a deadmau5 disc.

As I was walking, the reactions that I began to receive were either one extreme or the other. Some people screamed “It’s deadmau5! Come over and take a picture with me, deadmau5!” Some just looked at me and raised an eyebrow. One older gentleman even commented, “That’s the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re like a dead Mickey Mouse!” I even had a little girl turn to me with a big smile on her face because she thought I was a mascot.

But, after I was bombarded by people wanting to look at my head or take a photo with me, I finally entered the record store. The employees immediately turned to me and chuckled. “Hey, go help out deadmau5 over there,” one of the employees said to another employee. They helped me to find the DVD I was looking for, and it was mission accomplished!

It was fun to see how many people actually know who deadmau5 is these days! I was pleasantly surprised at how many people actually knew who I was. EDM is slowly but surely entering the mainstream.


What is EDM, exactly?

Armin van buuren odi jin.jpg, found on Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, I find myself asking what EDM is to people these days. To the many listeners who have accepted electronic dance music’s gradual sifting into the mainstream scene, they might just consider it to be, well, simply, “music made entirely on the computer.”

I hear that, and the phrase immediately sickens me.

Dance music is more than just “music made on the computer.” It’s true, maybe all deadmau5 does is sit on his computer all day, messing around with synth and bloops and bleeps to make a song, and maybe all Avicii does is find an old catchy tune, editing it to make it updated and brand new. But I can tell you, there is a fire in EDM artists’ hearts that inspires them to do this because it is their passion. Their calling.

And when they get up on stage in front of all of the cheering fans and put their headphones on, they drift into the feeling of that music like no other genre’s artists ever can. You can see it in their eyes, in their smiles, and even in their movement. There’s not a word to describe the feeling that a dance rave gives off to the audience and the artist… it’s just true bliss. Something that some pop song about partying could never do.

Dance music artists know that the type of music they make everyday is inspirational, and just gives off this feeling of bliss. And nothing can ever imitate it. That’s what EDM is.

Daft Punk’s New Album Due In Spring – Review


Daft Punk in robot costumes.jpg (via Wikimedia Commons)

MTV’s article about Daft Punk’s new music is extremely exciting to the EDM scene. Daft Punk are practically gods to the world of dance music, and the length of time we have all waited for new music from them has finally been worth it. Apparently we will be seeing new work from them this year, and it will definitely be the highlight of 2013. I’m expecting great things from them!

Hopefully we can see a tour soon, too!