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News Video – Swedish House Mafia’s Last Show

In this news story video, EDM Party reflects on the end of Swedish House Mafia, who performed their last show on March 24th. Watch the video for more information!


What does EDM mean to you? – Audio Interview

Andres Unidos Cisneros & Tiesto

What does EDM mean to you? Does it make you happy? Does it make you feel like a hipster? How do you feel at a rave? How do you feel about EDM’s shift into the mainstream?

That is what I decided to find out with this audio interview. I asked Point Park University students Madeline Gullett, Jessica Mendel, and Sarah Lauderdale their thoughts on EDM, and I got some varying responses.

They all agreed that EDM is important in their life. “It’s a new thing and I just really like it now,” said Madeline. “I kind of relate to EDM music even though there’s not always lyrics,” Sarah added. But, when asked about how they felt about EDM entering the mainstream, they had mixed feelings. Jessica stated “I feel like it’s pretty awesome,” but Sarah and Madeline both believed that these people don’t know enough about the music to consider themselves fans of the genre. But, all three of them believed that these new listeners do not know enough about the genre to go to a rave. “I feel like if you’re not into the music, then you should not be there,” quoted Jessica.

How do you feel about this topic? Are you supportive of the mainstream, or do you want to continue the hipster trend, and stay under the radar? Leave your answers in the comments.

(Background music: Maximal Crazy © Tiesto)