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Check out the great new track from Alesso and One Republic, “If I Lose Myself”!


What does EDM mean to you? – Audio Interview

Andres Unidos Cisneros & Tiesto

What does EDM mean to you? Does it make you happy? Does it make you feel like a hipster? How do you feel at a rave? How do you feel about EDM’s shift into the mainstream?

That is what I decided to find out with this audio interview. I asked Point Park University students Madeline Gullett, Jessica Mendel, and Sarah Lauderdale their thoughts on EDM, and I got some varying responses.

They all agreed that EDM is important in their life. “It’s a new thing and I just really like it now,” said Madeline. “I kind of relate to EDM music even though there’s not always lyrics,” Sarah added. But, when asked about how they felt about EDM entering the mainstream, they had mixed feelings. Jessica stated “I feel like it’s pretty awesome,” but Sarah and Madeline both believed that these people don’t know enough about the music to consider themselves fans of the genre. But, all three of them believed that these new listeners do not know enough about the genre to go to a rave. “I feel like if you’re not into the music, then you should not be there,” quoted Jessica.

How do you feel about this topic? Are you supportive of the mainstream, or do you want to continue the hipster trend, and stay under the radar? Leave your answers in the comments.

(Background music: Maximal Crazy © Tiesto)

Top 10 EDM Summer Songs for 2013!

Spring is slowly approaching! But, personally, I’m ready for that sweet summer sun, booty shorts, tank tops, and some awesome summer EDM blaring out of the car windows. Aren’t you?

So, how about some great picks that are upbeat, and guaranteed to make you feel like summer is already here?!

Here’s EDM Party’s top ten summer songs for 2013:

(I apologize in advance for some of the re-uploaded tracks, they were the best quality I could find on Soundcloud!)



Showtek and Justin Prime’s “Cannonball” is quite catchy. A bit on the light dubstep side when the “mother ding-in beat drops,” but it’s definitely a song that draws you in and makes you want to dance, that’s for sure!



Dada Life’s “Feed the Dada” is definitely a track that will make you fall in love with Dada. They definitely have “come into my mind” with this one! (It’s been stuck in my head for weeks!) The beat is insane, and the vocals are spectacular.



I’m sure you’ve all heard Axwell’s remix of “In My Mind” before. It’s one of those tracks that those Kia hamsters jam out to in their cars. Super addictive though! The harmony in the vocals is awesome, plus you know a track is great when Tiesto puts it on a mix CD!



Nause’s “Hungry Hearts” is definitely a track to make it feel like summer is here. The lyrics make you feel like you’re about to go goof off with a group of friends, and the vocals are very well-done. The instrumental part is a bit cheesy, but in a way, it just invokes a lighthearted feeling.



Avicii and Nicky Romero’s “I Could Be the One” is INSANE. It hit number 1 on Beatport when it was new, and you can tell why! Avicii took over summer dance music last year with “Silhouettes,” and he’s doing it again this year. He’s a pro at making super-sweet tracks that invoke great feelings. The instrumental part of this is so catchy, and the vocals balance it so well.



Okay, I know what you’re thinking . Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” is super-mainstream, and a bit outdated already. But, it’s one of the few upbeat songs that has ever made me cry. Knowing that SHM is about to split, it just makes the lyrics even more meaningful. Plus, everything about this track is well-done: the vocals are great, and that drop is probably one of the greatest instrumental pieces of an EDM track in history. I’ve known about this track since November, and I still listen to it all the time.



Audien’s “Leaving You” is definitely a breakout hit. Hopefully not a one-hit-wonder, either! This track is so happy, even with its rude breakup lyrics. I know I shared this track with you all a few days ago, but I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to it over and over for the past week. I hope we hear more from Audien soon!



Madeon’s “The City.” Oh. My. Gosh. So good. That “I’ve got tomorrow, I’ve got to go all the way” part of the track that sounds like scat is so addictive, you just want it to loop over and over. It’s such a happy, upbeat track, and just leaves you begging for more from Madeon. And can you believe he’s only 18?!



Calvin Harris and Example’s “We’ll Be Coming Back” may be a bit old now, but it has still stood the test of time. This track just makes you feel like you’re at the beach, and then suddenly it just makes you want to jump over and over! Elliot’s vocals are perfect, too. (If only they were Adam’s…)



And finally, number 1. Zedd’s “Lost at Sea” featuring Ryan Tedder. This track is absolutely perfect in every way, I can barely even critique it! Zedd is by far the breakout artist of 2013, and I don’t understand why this track hasn’t seen more light! Definitely better than Spectrum and Clarity. (Which are still amazing, by the way!) I seriously recommend buying the entire album, because it’s one of the best CDs that I’ve ever bought. Jam out to this track, because I am sure you will fall in love with it just as much as I have.