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History of Daft Punk: Timeline

This weekend, EDM Party is going with a strict Daft Punk theme in honor of their newly released vocal video with Pharrell! (link)

So, while you’re preparing for Random Access Memories, why not reflect on the wonderful previous releases from the duo? Click the link below to view EDM Party’s “History of Daft Punk” timeline.


Daft Punk – Track from the new 2013 album?

Check out this track! It’s pretty good. It’s supposedly a track from the upcoming 2013 Daft Punk album, but personally, I think that it’s fan-made.
What do you think? Leave your answers in the comments.

Daft Punk Releases 2013 Album Art

It’s official, guys. Daft Punk’s long-awaited 2013 album is coming out soon!

Today they publicly posted their what is speculated to be their new album art on It has also been confirmed in the image that they have signed to Columbia Records.

Image © Daft Punk and Columbia Records

Are you guys ready for this? I’m pumped!

Daft Punk’s New Album Due In Spring – Review


Daft Punk in robot costumes.jpg (via Wikimedia Commons)

MTV’s article about Daft Punk’s new music is extremely exciting to the EDM scene. Daft Punk are practically gods to the world of dance music, and the length of time we have all waited for new music from them has finally been worth it. Apparently we will be seeing new work from them this year, and it will definitely be the highlight of 2013. I’m expecting great things from them!

Hopefully we can see a tour soon, too!