How do average college students feel about dance music? – Survey

Have you wondered at all about EDM’s rise into the mainstream? How is EDM accepted by the average college student?
We have run a survey on 39 college students in order to get their opinions on EDM.

dance music survey 1

According to the 39 surveyed students, only 20 of them enjoy the fact that dance music is becoming popular. Many of them preferred rock or rap music to the genre of EDM.

dance music survey 5

Only 10% of the surveyed students said that dance music is their favorite genre.

dance music survey 2

When given the option of choosing a dance artist that they liked best, many of the students chose the option of “n/a” because they do not enjoy the genre at all. Many also chose the well known artists such as David Guetta and Daft Punk.

dance music survey 3

dance music survey 4

When tackling the touchy topic of drugs at a rave, however, just under half of the surveyed students claimed that drugs would positively affect the experience. Also, 73% of the students who said they have been to a rave felt that way.

So, will EDM entering the mainstream affect the way college students view the genre in the future? Now, it seems like EDM is hardly accepted unless drugs are involved. Hopefully this will change in the future in order to allow more people to appreciate the genre, and so that kids are not just into raves for the drugs.


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